T1  “Spring in Beijing”

Hot plate of crispy duck with various fresh vegetables and homemade sauce from Master Peng
17,90 €

T2  “Autumn in Beijing”

Crispy duck with curry sauce and vegetables
17,90 €

T3  “Summer duck”

Crispy duck with summer salad
14,90 €

T4  “Winter fire”

Crispy duck with fresh vegetables, ginger and garlic (very spicy)
17,90 €

T5  “Fragrance of the spice market”

Hot plate of beef tenderloin with seasonal vegetables, sesame and garlic
17,50 €

T6  Beef Szechuan style

Beef fillet with black mushrooms, sprouts, broccoli, Chinese cabbage and Szechuan pepper in chilli sauce
17,50 €

T7  “Heat of the night”

Hot plate of prawns with vegetables, slightly sweet-hot spiced
18,90 €

T8a  “Weather lights”

Hot plate of breaded chicken breast with various Chinese spices, fresh vegetables and garlic
15,90 €

T8b   “Sunbeam”

Heiße Platte Hühnerbrust natur mit verschiedenen China-Gewürzen, frischem Gemüse und Knoblauch
15,90 €

T9  “Volcanic eruption”

Hot plate of chicken breast, coconut milk, curry, vegetables and fresh chilli
15,90 €

T10  “Forbidden City”

Chicken breast with mixed vegetables, garlic and peanut, slightly sweet-hot
15,90 €

T11 “Favourite Food”

Chicken breast with mixed vegetables and tofu, slightly sweet-hot
15,90 €

T12 “Flowers of lotus”

Sliced fish like a blossom of camellia flower with sweet-hot sauce
16,90 €

T13  “Green secret”  Vegetarian

Tofu, vegetables and curry (spicy)
14,90 €

T14 “Green Island of Taiwan”  Vegearian

Tofu, spinach, broccoli, soy, carrots, zucchini, and Chinese cabbage (spicy)
13,90 €

T15 “False chicken”  Vegetarian

Falsche Hühnerbrust (Tofu) mit verschiedenem Gemüse, Ingwer und Knoblauch, leicht süß-scharf
15,90 €