H1 Traditional Beijing Duck

Wrap/roll – duck breast and spring onions with special sauce, rolled in pasta dough
18,90 €

H2 “Remembrance of the Silk Road”

Glass noodles, chicken, vegetables
14,50 €

H3  “The awakening day in ShanSchi”  Vegetarian

Chao mian pian – handmade pasta, vegetables (spicy)
13,90 €

H4  “Day over Hainan”

Fried jasmine rice with chicken, pineapple and vegetables, served in pineapple boats
15,90 €

H5  “Night in Beijing”

Jian Jiao Zi – 15 fried dumplings with pork, served with homemade salad
15,90 €

H6 “Dream in Szechuan”

Wonton with meat-goose filling in chilli soup
14,90 €