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A1  Jiao Zi à la Red Lantern

6 handmade dumplings, filled with prawns and chicken meat
6,50 €

A2  “Waves of Jinshajiang”

Hot and sour Szechuan soup with duck breast and fresh vegetables
5,90 €

A3  “Ice heart and precious jasper”

Chicken breast salad with cucumber, mixed vegetables and garlic
in spicy sauce
5,90 €

A4  “Fire Dragon”

6 baked “black tiger” prawns with dip
6,50 €

A5  Jiao Zi “Big Jump”

6 handmade dumplings with pork and Chinese cabbage
5,50 €

A6  Jiao Zi “Sù”  Vegetarian

6 handmade dumplings with fresh vegetables and glass noodles
5,50 €

A7  Jiao Zi “Niúròu

6 handmade dumplings with beef and celery
5,90 €

A8  “Monk plate from the monastery Wutan”  Vegetarian

Spinach, soy and carrots salad, with glass noodles and wasabi
honey sauce
5,50 €

A9  Soup à la Rwd Lantern

Prawns with fresh vegetables and lemongrass in curry soup
6,90 €

A10  Tai Chi

Grilled chicken skewers with homemade peanut sauce
5,90 €

A11 Chicken skewers in peanut sauce

Gegrillte Hühnerspieße mit hausgemachter Erdnuss-Sauce
5,50 €

A12  Tofu skewers with hoisin sauce

Baked Tofu in skewers with hoisin sauce
4,90 €

A13  “Spring greetings”

4 homemade spring rolls with duck meat, fresh vegetables
and glass noodles
4,90 €

A14  „Seven-headed dragon“

Handmade noodles with special spicy sauce and fresh vegetables
5,50 €

A15 Wrap “fragrant harbour”  Vegetarian

Tofu, mint, vegetables and wasabi sauce in pasta dough
6,50 €

A16  Wrap “Chinatown”

Fried chicken breast with vegetables and peanut sauce in pasta dough
6,90 €